AgriCOOPDS is an initiative lead by the World Rural Forum.

The World Rural Forum (WRF) is a diverse network that promotes Family Farming Sustainable Rural Development, composed of family farmers associations and organisations, organisations for rural development such as INADES, cooperatives and research centres such as CIRAD.

The WRF groups together organisations that represent more than 32 million farmers and family farmers in the five continents. Among its member organisations are the principal regional organisations of family farming, such as AACAI, AFA, COPROFAM, ESAFF, PDRR, PIFON, PROPAC, REFACOF and UMNAGRI,that in turn rely on a multitude of affiliated organisations and cooperatives.

Main Aims of the Association:

  • The promotion of sustainable Rural Development in the five continents.
  • The promotion of better public policies for Family Farming and its effective implementation.
  • The promotion of gender equality in Family Farming and rural development.
  • The promotion of integration, inclusion and equal participation of young people in Family Farming and in the processes of rural development.
  • Support the strengthening and empowerment of the organisations of Family Farming and other organizations that work in a rural environment.